About Us

CyTech Consulting is an International Cyber Consulting company operating from Israel in America, Europe and Africa. The company serves and consults to large international corporates as well as small-medium businesses worldwide.

CyTech was built on the fundamentals of knowledge, experience and understanding of the world of a CISO. CyTech is a unique one stop shop for CISOs providing high end consultation, executive CISO training, and CISO as a service to organizations around the world.

We believe a CISO can be any individual with the right understanding and attitude toward the business strategic objectives, as well as adequate knowledge and experience in all 4 moving parts of the world of a CISO: Security Governance, Security Risk Management, Cyber Threat Management, and Vulnerability Management.

We take pride in our team of consultants who are all internationally certified, internationally experienced and highly skilled with both business and hands on cyber security experience. Our team is made of CISOs from different industries and with multidisciplinary capabilities. We understand cyber-attacks, cyber defense and business enablement.

We are cyber experts that know how to safely empower businesses.

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