CISO as a Service

Our CISO as a Service (CaaS) clients enjoy a unique experience working with our cyber security expert who joins their teams, and acts as a liaison connecting their business objectives with the world of cyber security. This connection is achieved through a partnership created by our professional and globally recognized team of CISOs. Our CISO learns the business, maps the security landscape, understands the risk appetite and consults on risk remediation based on all moving parts of the business.

We fit the CISO role to the size and requirements of your business and bring our vast experience without the hassle of having to add any FTEs to your team.

We CISO positions in many businesses worldwide and in various industries such as Banks, Medical organizations, Bio-Tech and Hi-Tech companies, Retail, Aviation, Construction, Real Estate, and many others. Our customers enjoy the unique experience of a true partnership with our CISOs within their organization, and also enjoy the support of everyone on CyTech’s team of professionals.

Being a CISO is our passion and it is what we do best.

Being a CISO is our passion and it is what we do best.

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