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CyTech is globally recognized for its team of expert trainers and high-quality content of training materials. We cover anything from generic cyber security awareness training for all employees, down to deep technical training as well as international cyber certifications of ISACA and ISC2.

We focus on training a new generation of security executives emphasizing strategy, executive interaction and innovative and effective methodologies.  Our executive CISO training program in cooperation with the Magid Institute and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem is known for its high quality of both trainers and trainees. The program includes all the essential elements of cyber-security from strategy, governance, and enterprise risk management to controls architecture, implementation, and management, all from an executive-level perspective, and with an emphasis on knowing how to effectively lead cyber security and communicate with all levels of the organization.

Good training is based on hard work, partnership between trainers and trainees, and mutual respect of all involved parties. We bring everything we have to our training programs and create a unique and inspiring atmosphere in the professional sessions we hold. Our programs can be offered in one of our training centers, or it can be brought to your facilities for a large group of participants.

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